Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - #25

13 Non-Fiction Books on my Living Room Bookshelf

1. Scotland: Highlands and Islands (Cadogan) - Richenda Miers
I've always wanted to visit Scotland, so this is just a little bit of dreaming in book form.

2. Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things - Cy Tymony
I bought this for my engineer husband. It tells how to use common household objects to make radios, alarms, and all sorts interesting things.

3. Lost Languages: The enigma of the world's undeciphered scripts - Andrew Robinson
This is a very interesting book about all of the ancient languages that we have yet to figure out.

4. Basic Country Skills: A practical guide to self-reliance - John and Martha Storey
I like reading this book and pretending that I have skills. It's the kind of book you read and think, "Yeah, I could do that! I could have a garden like that! I could raise animals and make my own homeade soaps and candles and clothes and furniture....Sure I could!"

5. Financial Peace: Restoring financial hope to you and your family - Dave Ramsey
Ramsey is a very wise financial counselor, and his books are well worth the time to read. We received this one for a wedding present, and have tried to follow the spirit, if not the letter, or his recommendations.

6. The Expert's Guide to 100 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do: Samantha Ettus
Because it's important to know how to tie and necktie, or at least to think you do.

7. Christian Writers' Market Guide 2007: The essential reference tool for the Christian Writer - Sally E. Stuart
Yes, well, everyone has a dream. Some days I don't think it'll every actually happen, as I think my writing is about as boring as spit, but we'll see.

8. Father Flanagan of Boys Town - Fulton Oursler and Will Oursler
This was my first biography as a young kid, and I loved the story of Father Flanagan. I cried at the end.

9. Material World: A global family portrait - Peter Menzel and Charles C. Mann
This is a fascinating book. My husband had to buy it as a text book for a ridiculous class called Cultural Geography. The class was a complete waste of time, but the book has been one of our favorites. It has pictures of statistically average (for their countries) families from all over the world, standing outside their homes with all of their posessions around them. The difference, from some places to others, is absolutely stunning.

10.Children of the Storm: Childhood memories of World War II - Charles Perkins
This is a compilation of the memories of people from different countries and different socio-economic groups who were children during the war. Very interesting.

11. Southwest: SmartGarden regional guide - American Horticultural Society
Another dream. Some day, maybe, I will be able to make something grow. Maybe. Although I would debate Oklahoma being classified as Southwest. We really have no classification, I think.

12. The Complete Guide to Home Carpentry: Carpentry skills & projects for homeowners - Black & Decker
I like looking through this book and trying to talk my husband into building the things contained therein.

13. The Joy of Signing - Lottie L. Riekehof
Everyone needs to know a little sign language. I know only a very, very little, but I think it should be something we teach right along with reading and writing. Imagine the communication possiblities if we all could sign. (I feel the same about Morse code)

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amy said...

neat idea for a list..I need to read some of these!

Nancy J. Bond said...

This looks like a varied and interesting list! In fact, you've given me an idea, with your #2 book, for a Christmas gift for my all-things-electronic hubby. :) Wonderful list!

JAM said...

Dave Ramsey rocks! He's my kinda guy, plain spoken and sensible.

Number One Daughter learned some American Sign Language in high school and even took a couple of college courses in it, and was pretty fluent, but has now lost much of it from lack of use.

I'll have to look into sneaky uses for everyday things. I love reading stuff like that.

Spiffy list!

Trina said...

All very good books. I had a friend once who sighed songs.. it was elegant looking. I'm not coordinated enough to do that sort of thing.

Happy TT!

Jessica Morris said...

I have the Dave Ramsey one too! But that is the only one I've ever read, or really even heard of! from your list!!

Happy TT!

Trina said...

Thanks for the heads up! I forgot to put my new TT in my TT category.... OOps!

Thanks For coming by, I like your post with pics! It gives a great visual!

Mike said...

I love the Expert Guide series. Makes me look like an expert, especially if I don't tell anyone that I own a copy of the series.



Qtpies7 said...

We have The Joy of Signing!

Luka said...

I've got The Joy of Signing on my shelf too! :-) Happing TT'ing

aftergrace said...

I'm going to check out the Basic Country Skills. It looks like fun!

Jessica Morris said...

I am trying to get the word out about this great deal at Target on Gerber baby food - check out the "Almost Penny Candy" entry on my blog. The coupon expires on the 15th.