Friday, August 03, 2007

Ok, well I think it's interesting, and it's my blog.

Before I forget how cute this stage was, here are a couple of the funny things I hear Mim say all the time.

Mommy! Keepakapu toolide! Capilla toolide!

Even when I give you the translation, this won't make sense. I promise. Here's what it is translated literally.

Mommy! Pikachu slid! Caterpiller slid!

See. Still no sense right? The explanation is that she was trying to imitate her brother. He is constantly making up the wildest and craziest stories about what he and various cartoon or game characters did. One day, he came and told me a story about how he and Pikachu and a caterpillar (No, he knows nothing about Pokemon. He encountered Pikachu as the character in a game [Super Smash Bros.] and has suddenly decided that Pikachu is one of his best friends.) went down the slide at the park. Now, whenever he tells me any story involving the aformentioned Pikachu, Mim chimes in with the original phrase I wrote. It's so very strange, and I think I'm probably the only one in the universe who could translate it, which would be a good feeling, I guess, if my children weren't talking about video game characters as if they were living and breathing.

The funniest part of all that, really, is that Mim always says "toolide" for slide. For instance, these are some of the things we heard last night at the park.

"Mimi toolide by delf" (Mim slide by self)

"Leetto tiny toolide" (little tiny slide)

"Mimi toolide leetto tiny by delf nummy" (I believe I would like to slide on my tummy by myself down the smaller of the two slides.)

That child cracks me up. We figure it's always toolide because when she was first learning the word it was frequently used in the infinitive. ie "Mim, would you like to slide?" It could also be part of her "me too" syndrome. She has heard, "Mim, do you want some too?" or "Mim, do you want to do it too?" so many times that she adds "too" to quite a few words.


Tendrils said...

CUTE!!! I could listen to Punky talk all day long......I know I will miss this stage when he gets older! It's so fun to hear them explore the language! Keep enjoying!!!!

aftergrace said...

Well, I think it's interesting, too. I love the perceptions of toddlers. Do any of us really outgrow the "me too" syndrome?
I'm really glad you're back online, I missed you.

JennaG said...

Yes, it's a good thing the little ones have their mommy around to translate for them. We moms are just amazing! Your little Mim is a cutie pie.