Wednesday, August 15, 2007

In lieu of gifts, send tiara

Happy birthday, Mim! She is two years old today, and thinks she's the queen of the castle. (She pretty much is, but don't tell her I said so.)We moseyed into the nearby town today where Daddy works and met him for lunch. We'll have a couple of quiet family get-togethers this weekend to celebrate. Nothing huge. It's nice when they're too little to care about parties.

I'm more or less back, I think. Not normal yet, but much better. It's been a crazy week, but hopefully no one else in the family catches my bug and we can all return to the crazy chaos that is our every day.

Thanks for all your prayers for me and for my husband's grandparents. They are moved in to the home and an attached apartment, and the whole family is beginning the process of helping them settle in and feel at home about it all. Instead of being able to help my mother in law with all of this, she's been helping me by taking the kids in the mornings of Monday and Tuesday, and checking in on us in the evenings. I really love living close to my family. I hope I can catch up on being helpful now that I'll be well soon.


Qtpies7 said...

Sorry about you being sick, I know how icky that is, I am sick right now with 600 things on my "To Do" list. I can't talk, so it is really fun dealing with things, too. No one can understand me on the phone, lol. I could just as well not answer it.
Hope you recover fast!

aftergrace said...

Glad you're back. You are right, you are blessed with a wonderful family. Prayers for all of you. Happy B-Day to Mim, that smile she has on her face reminds me so much of yours and your mom's at that age. Beautiful.

Mike said...

Happy birthday to Her Majesty. Hope it was a great one.


JAM said...

Sorry I missed it. Life intervened, what can I say?

But a late Happy Birthday to Mim.

She definitely looks to be the queen of the ball. She gives new meaning to the phrase "punkin head" in that photo. That's a keeper.

Number Two Daughter has always thought of her birthday as "the day I can get away with anything." Number One Daughter has always been more reasonable on her birthdays.