Monday, August 20, 2007

This is the Day We Wash Our Clothes...

Is it against the law to go to the laundromat if you have a washer and dryer at home? If so, clap me in irons and call out the special forces. We are loading up every scrap of dirty laundry and linens in the house and heading for the nearby town. (I need a name for that town, since I talk about it so often. Any ideas?)

Our dryer still doesn't work very well, so it takes 1/4 of eternity to do a load of laundry with it. That means I have to use the clothes line, which is great, but you can only do so much with it. Those are my excuses. My husband doesn't like the laundromat, but he knows the look of a crazed and reckless housewife and so was too smart to protest. (I love that guy!)

Anyway, see you after the laundro-party!

Update: Mission accomplished. It took about two hours, but I washed every dirty thing in the house. Yee-haw! Mim and Zay ran around like goobers and talked to any and all. One poor old man sat and listend to Zaya for about 15 minutes. When I walked around to rescue him he smiled really big and said, "He likes to talk!" I'm afraid he gets that from his mommy. Now I've got to go fold everything. Putting it all away will have to come later.


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Thanks, Sara, I like it!

Qtpies7 said...

Noseyton, lol. We have gotten a good dose of what its like to be around the elderly this week after moving my in-laws into an elderly apartment near our home. Oh my gosh are they nosey! We nearly started a scadal the first night when they caught my f-i-l sleeping at our house but not my m-i-l! They lost the screws to the bed, and he can't get up and down off the floor, so he needed to sleep at our house for the night until we could figure something out. But she stayed and unpacked a bit. Too funny!
I would need a new blog to start all the old people stories!
I desperately need to go to the laundromat. We've had 4 days of rain, so I can't hang my clothes, my dryer doesn't work, again. And I need my cloth diapers washed desperately!

aftergrace said...

Is this what we call "airing our dirty laundry?" Just kidding. I think going to the laundromat is a good idea, plus you probably saved energy. Way to go!


Ok...I'll start by admitting we have taken several loads of jeans to the laundromat twice this summer when they just got to be too much to handle...sent our 14 yo to watch over and fold them all...heh heh. BUT...(and you knew your know-it-all relative would have one)...ours is 4 blocks away. spent a lot on gas to haul that stuff to W'ville.

Here's an idea...most dryer problems, I've found, can be easily diagnosed and cheaply and quickly repaired. Google and you can find DIY websites that help you diagnose appliance problems. You can also cheaply order replacement parts online. We have repaired our dryer about 5-6 times through the years, and it's never been more than an hourlong project once we had the part in hand. It helps to have your make and model # on hand while you surf.

One super easy thing everyone needs to do occasionally is to take out the dryer filter and wash it. I like to spray mine with a vinegar solution first. The reason is that even though it may appear clean, it is really clogged with a thin layer of fabric softener that doesn't allow the heated air to pass through it efficiently. I'm probably explaining poorly, but I read about it before and started doing it. You will find it fascinating that when you hold that filter that appears clean under the water spray, it repels the water rather than letting it pass through easily.

Anyway...don't feel mommy guilt about occasionally needing triple size washers and dryers, but DO spend the surf time to figure out how to fix that dryer. Let your fingers do the walking, and then put that engineer hubby to work on a project he can finish in one evening! LOL

JAM said...

Ah, the thrill and heat of sitting in a laundro-mat. It brings back wonderf..., er, nightmares.

The Beverly Hillbillies were from "Bugtussle" and I always liked that town name.