Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Of Mice and Muggles

I haven't posted in a while because a friend loaned me book 7. I finished it this morning, so I am back in the real world.

We have a mouse living somewhere in the undersink cabinets in our kitchen. He has already destroyed a bag of flour and left his special little calling cards all over that cabinet. I've set five traps for him, and he has outwitted them all. I put peanut butter in them, and he just licked them clean without setting off a single trap. The little stinker. I'll get him, though. We've reset them all and are trying again. My sister-in-law says that nothing beats a good hunk of cheese stuffed into the little toothy part of the trap. I'm going to try that next, I think.

Anyone else out there have a sure-fire mouse solution?

Oh, and the picture below reminded me....I have yet to see the inside of my card, because my dear husband has not written anything in it yet. I think, this time, we had better just move on and let it be the thought that counted.


Sara said...

Bread. I heard on Paul Harvey long ago, that mice aren't actually attracted to cheese and peanut butter. He said to use bread. They have a preference to grain products. I agree with your S-I-L make sure it gets in the toothy part.

Also if you have the easy release traps scrap them, they work only a fraction of the time. The old school ones are better. If releasing from those grosses you out, put newspaper under it and just throw it and the paper away.

The expensive and less gross alternative which we had great results with was the electic trap (I used a Lowe's gift card to buy it). It was effective and you just dumped it. Jonathan almost killed me for buying it, but I hate mice and it was my gift card.

Also, is your number different since you moved?

aftergrace said...

My classroom was infested with mice last year that liked to leave little "prizes" on my desk, yuck! The sure fire way to catch them is with an old fashioned mouse trap and a piece of Slim Jim-it works everytime!

Qtpies7 said...

We've always had good luck with peanut butter. The trick is having the mousetrap on a very easy trigger. It should snap from being breathed on, almost, hehe. You have to set it while its in place, because moving it should set it off. My hubby is a genious at setting them. And thankfully he doesn't mind getting rid of it either.