Saturday, August 04, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Tomorrow will be our seventh anniversary, and I finally got a card. It has taken me seven years to convince my sweetheart to buy me a card for our anniversary. I think the conversation that did the trick was one I was having with Joshua, my brother, who is engaged to be married and still has a lot to learn about women. I was trying to explain why women value cards, and I finally realized what it was that we truly want. The men were talking about how pointlessly stupid cards were. Just a little piece of paper with a lame joke or lousy poem. Who cares? Why do women want that so much?

Here is the answer, for all you men out there, or you women who need the argument. It's their writing. We want to see, in writing, that our husband still loves us, needs us, wants us around. If you're like me, you can hear it said all day long, but when it's written down, it means so much more. Before we were married, we wrote little notes to each other, and letters when we were apart. Now that we're never apart, there's no need (from his point of view) so we don't. We women, I think, in the back of our mind, are thinking about the future. What if...someday...I would want to have something to read that could remind me of the wonderful man I married, and that he really did love, value and respect me. (In this picture, it isn't opened yet, because he hasn't actually written anything yet, so I can't open it. We're getting there, anyway.)

Lest you think I'm ridiculous, let me point out that I didn't just get a card. He also made me a ring, which is great since I lost my wedding ring. Yeah, that's right, I lost it. All carat's worth of diamonds and both little bands of gold. Who knows where it is. I was hoping to come across it in the move, but no such luck. I'm truly terrible with keeping track of things, so it was only a matter of time, but it's still heartbreaking. Hubby has lost his, too, sometime in the last year, so he made both of us rings out of stainless steel. They're very nice, because he doesn't do anything halfway. In fact, he'd kind of like to open a side business, making them for other reasonable (cheap) people who are tired of losing $500 dollars at a time when the misplace their ring.

I also got some lovely red mixing bowls, which match my kitchen that I'm trying to "accent" with red. This whole color thing is new to me. When I'm done I'll take a picture. For now, you just get the gifts themselves. Oh, and we got to go on an actual date last night. Maybe our fifth or sixth since we met. We've never been keen on going out on the town. My mother came and watched our kids yesterday evening, and we went and ate Chinese food. (Well, super deep-fat fried Chinese food, which I suspect of being no more Chinese than hot dogs.) I let Hubby pick out a Wii game as his anniversary present, so we went and bought that at Wal-Mart. All in all, a nice peaceful evening. My mother even had the kids asleep by the time we returned, which is all but miraculous. Thanks again, Mom!!


aftergrace said...

Happy 7th! May you have many, many more great anniversaries. When my husband gives me a card I always ask "did you read this?" It's kind of become a joke between us. Yes, he has always read the card. Silly me.
P.S. Red is a dandy color!!

Qtpies7 said...

Wow, your anniversary is on my birthday! LOL
I'm just about to be kidnapped by my friends who don't know I know, so I'm waiting for them in a bathrobe and my hair in a towel, hehe!


That is really cool! My wedding ring was too small anyway...then my kid dropped it into a big humidifier and broke the band in half. I recently bought a cubic zirconia one to wear just so I have one on my hand!

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

How awesome. Congrats. I forgot yours was so close to ours. Tre lost his in hte ocean on our 1 yr anniversary in flordia...yeah, not fun

Qtpies7 said...

How was your anniversary? My husband has lost at least 2 wedding rings so far. I still have my original ring, but a diamond fellout, we had put my promise ring diamond on my wedding band, but it didn't hold after 10 years. I got a new ring later in our marraige, but then I got made at Donnie and threw it out the window, lol. Now I have another new ring for our "new" better marriage. Eventually we will get a really nice ring set, but for now I'm good. And I got Donnie a nice platinum ring that spins around, its weird, so I knew he would like it.