Friday, August 17, 2007

Never Mind

My idea was to get Mim things for a little play kitchen/housekeeping set-up for her birthday. It's really ridiculous out there, though. I wanted a simple little play kitchen to put on the only four free feet of wall space that we have in the house. (Next to the dining table) but I guess that dream is not to be; at least not right now. They're just all a little bit crazy. Either they're teeny-tiny and unusable past age three, or they're from the "Baby's Upscale Villa" line. I don't want a kitchen for my two and three year old that puts their my own kitchen to shame. They wouldn't even know what to do with pretend ice and water in the door, faux granite countertops and their own little plastic HDTV with internet connection. Ok, so maybe it's not that bad, but just about.

My poor mom-in-law has been searching stores in the city today, but we've finally decided to settle for a little tea set with pots and pans for now. There's just nothing that will work in our little space that isn't insanely expensive. Too sad.

I know Zaya and Mim would both love it, because they play with the kitchen at the church nursery all the time. Maybe we'll still be able to find something, someday.


Sara said...

I have a small hutch and closet/refrigerator. They are made of wood and my grandfather made them for my mom when she was little. They are simple and would be easy to make. If you are interested I'll take and send pictures.

We store the dishes and play food in the hutch and the Mr. Potatoe Head and more toy food in the "refrigerator". It was a closet when mom was a kid, but we don't hang up doll clothes, so I decided it was a side-by-side w/ no divider for frig or

Qtpies7 said...

Oh, yes, we looked and looked for one for Christmas last year, but I was not going to go broke on one when my own kitchen cabinettes are falling off and the counter is so lopsided that a marble rolls down the whole length, lol.
I found one at a garage sale this summer, $5, much better deal. She doesn't play with it nearly as much as she does the one at church.