Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Photos..sort of

I am not a photographer. Let me just repeat that, in case anyone still has any doubts. I am not a photographer. Easter Sunday morning, my children are dressed up in their cute little too cold Easter outfits, and I own a digital camera...yet somehow, I don't have a single decent picture of them. They're either squinting at the sun, playing with the cat, trying to say cheese (which always makes them look goofy) or turning in the opposite direction. Here are the best of a pathetic lot. Why didn't I take more? Why, why? I have a digital camera expressly for the purpose of taking lots of pictures, because I know I am a terrible photographer. Ugh.

Well, anyway, as you can tell, I decided to have the kids wear their springy little clothes, despite the artic blast that hit us about that time. They even were outside for a while (Daddy's idea, not mine) and were upset when they had to come back inside. Notice the kitty feeding. That's one of their favorite activities. That cat is going to be huge.


crissybug said...

It is not that you are a bad are just hard to photograph. I didn't have much luck either. I posted the ones that I took on my blog. Sydney was impossible, but I was able to get one good shot of Caden.

Your kids still look sooo cute. I probably would have had them wear their 'springy' clothes too...even though it was freezing out!

JennaG said...

Thanks for posting these--I'm glad I'm not the only one who chose to freeze their children on Easter!!! I don't think you are a bad photographer--as a matter of fact, I think I would frame that one of your daughter by the window--it's lovely!

bluemountainmama said...

that's the nature of trying to photograph kids! but i think these are still cute. we had a chilly easter day, too!

JAM said...

Point and shoot digital cameras are the slowest things on the planet. A kid can be looking all cute, you press the button, and by the time the thing actually takes the photo, the kid is half a mile away in the mud or something.

Just try to anticipate, try to keep the over your shoulder onto the subject, and most important, take LOTS of them. Put them on the computer, and where the eyes are closed, finger up their nose, or whatever, delete them.

I wish I had a nickel for every shot I missed or screwed up somehow. I'd be able to retire by now.

Just take lots and lots of photos, and every once in a while, you'll get a true gem. When I took 35mm slides and print films, I would be excited if I got one or two really good shots out of a roll of 36 exposures. I'm not exaggerating. Just keep at it, delete the bad ones and enjoy the occasional victory.

JAM said...

Uh, that's try to keep THE SUNLIGHT over your shoulder and on the subject. Sorry.

Qtpies7 said...

My little Trinity has that same dress for her 2yo pictures! I love it!