Thursday, April 05, 2007

Oh, The Heartbreak!

I showed a distinct lack of foresight today. Upon noticing that "Puppy" had a powerful sour-milkish odor, I suggested that he take a bath, and thought, in a moment of ignorance, that she might like to watch. Since Puppy is plush, his bathtub was the washing machine, and his towel the dryer. This has not made for a happy little Mim. Her face as she watched the lid go down was truly heartbreaking. As was her face when she saw him wet from the washer, and her face when the dryer door closed.

Puppy is her "friend for all time." He and blankie keep her company in her crib, and follow her around the house to fulfill her lovey needs. From the moment the washer lid closed on puppy, there was tempest and torment in the Babystepping home. The living room is littered with attempts at pacification. Baby dolls, stuffed bears, blankets, drinks...none provided sufficient solace.

Finally Mommy achieved a moment of peace by giving in to Mim's requests for a bottle, which is usually only allowed at nap-time and bed-time. If there was ever a time for bending the rules, it would be in the midst of great sorrow, and anyway, I was the one who closed the lid. Oh the shame!

Update: Puppy and Mim have now been reunited. The picture is from this reunion.


Attolia said...

She looks so much like you it's almost scary.

Leigh Ann said...

Been there, done that. And, yes, I will resort to bribery.

Babystepper said...

Attolia - I would agree that that is certainly scary. At least for Mim.

Leigh Ann - Glad someone else has done that.

JennaG said...

My kids were never attached to a stuffed animal. My oldest had a special blankie--I cut it in two pieces so that she would have one while I washed the other. Don't suppose that would work with stuffed animal! A very cute little girl, you have--and her Puppy is cute too!

JAM said...

...and all was right with the world. (until the next crisis)

Kevin D said...

Lilibeth says:

What's really scary is to hold this picture next to one of her mommy's baby pictures. Looks like a clone. ha ha