Friday, April 13, 2007

I realized while reading a couple of other people's posts (JAM and QTpies) over the last few days that I've never actually explained what the dorm situation is here. We work for a small Christian high school, which shall remain unamed for obvious reasons. Most of the students just live in the area, but a few come from too far away, so they stay in the dorm during the week. The dorm used to accept 7-day students. I was one for a while when my family moved out of the area for a few years, but I didn't want to leave my school. (I'm glad I didn't. I met my husband here.) Now my dorm boys are only here Monday through Friday. Usually. Sometimes a ballgame or banquet interferes.

Our first year here we had 8 boys at the beginning of the year, and it was rough. Very rough. I was also the new mother of a five month old boy. The next year was better, but still difficult because I had my second baby a week after school started. My husband and I decided we were through and bought a house to move into as soon as school was out. The school still really needed us, though, so we decided to stay one more year. (We needed time to work on our house, anyway.) This year we only have four boys, and they're all great. Yeah, they have issues sometimes, but as a whole they're great guys. I think if the other years had been like this one, we wouldn't have been in such a hurry to leave. Oh well. The front part of our house is almost livable, so we'll be moving out of the dorm in a couple of months.

I have a feeling I'm going to lose a bit of my readership when that happens, because several people have mentioned that they read this blog because of the dorm family/ real family dichotomy. It does make for some strange situations, that's for sure.

To that end, I'll be posting a bit more about dorm life soon. The picture is of two of our boys, Eddie* and George*, that built a fort for the kids during one of the January snow storms.

*Names changed

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