Friday, April 27, 2007

And now, for something completely different.

This week is actually almost over. I think we've made it. Daddy will be coming home late tonight (if he can make his connecting flight in Memphis. He has about two minutes from when his first flight is supposed to come in and his second flight starts boarding. I guess all that running in high school is going to pay off.) Both kids are healthy, (the chicken pox scare was just me overreacting as usual) and the house, while not technically clean, is presentable.

In honor of hubby returning, I just thought I'd share a little bit about the different gifts he's bought me through the years. I'll have to make it a Thursday Thirteen someday. When he goes on business trips I usually guilt him into bringing something back for the little lady at home. (I can just see my mother, whose love language is as far removed from mine as it gets, and who has the self-confidence of Queen Elizabeth II, rolling her eyes.) He understands me like nobody else, and usually does very well in his choices. He's still a man, of course. For instance, today I asked him what he would be doing while he waited for his flight out of St. Paul, and he said he might wander around the Mall of America. "Do you think there's anything there that you want?" Hmm. Let's think. Biggest mall in the country. "Oh no, honey, you know how happy and fulfilled I am. I can't think of a single thing I might like to have." (That was tongue-in-cheek for my sarcasm-challenged readers, and yes, you are out there.)

When he went to New York, he ordered a vacuum cleaner online and had it delivered while he was gone. Which was great, actually, since I had given our old one to the dorm boys, and this one is a Dyson. The only possible problem there is he doesn't want us to have any carpet in our new house. None. I've begged to no avail. I guess it works on hard floors too, though. It was very rare for him to spend that much for a "my wife made me feel guilty" gift, so don't worry, Mom, we have not been corrupted by American Materialism. More often he brings me books. Once, it was about undeciphered ancient languages. Very interesting, I might add. I'll probably use that for a future Thursday Thirteen post too. When he went to California the first time, he had a chance to go sea kayaking with a co-worker there. Because it was January, they had to wear wet suits. The kind that look like surfer suits, with short sleeves and shorts. Strange. He bought me one, too. Why? Beats me. It's true that I get cold swimming in 100 degree temps, but wearing that wet-suit once I'm out of the water is just short of torture. It really does help at the lake, I have to admit.

I have to end my little expose with this years Valentine's Day gifts. I got an ice crusher (pictured above)and a book on HTML. Talk about romance! Just kidding. Actually I loved them both. I've been wanting to learn HTML so I could do my own "tweaking" and I'm an ice-aholic. I've used my little manual ice crusher at least once a day, and could never go back.

There, now, as if you cared, you know a little bit more about the strange relationship that is our marriage. And included here below, for the Grandmas and relatives who really only read this blog to see cute pictures of my kids, (Admit it, you know it's true) I've included pictures of my little nerds, err, safe children. Look Grandma, I'm sacrificing my children's dignity for their safety. Daddy and I even have helmets, although on our last bike ride he "couldn't find" his helmet, so I looked like a total geek all by myself. Trust me. No one in this town wears bike helmets, and we're making ourselves huge "We-didn't-have-helmets-in-our-day-and-our-kids-turned-out-just-fine" targets. But that's a whole other post.


JAM said...

Nothing strange about the gift choices at all. I think any couple who even halfway know each other tries to get the other something they think the other will like. Sometimes it's not quite what you expect, but other times it's dead on perfect.

My Dad bought my Mom a skill saw for Christmas one year, and we picked on them both about it. But it's actually just what she asked for. She's crafty, as in making crafts, and was in a stage of her development where accurate cuts of wood were needed.

I work with a lady who has a Dyson and they have no carpet, save in their guest room (no kids). She says it works fine on wood or tile. She also says that it's so strong that the older carpet in that guest room almost gets pulled up into the machine. Cool. I want one.

I wear a bicycle helmet too. But nobody has picked on me yet. Being big has it's advantages, not many, but some. Plus I'm old enough to not care if people think I look like a dweeb.

Myrna said...
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Qtpies7 said...

I wish my hubby paid a little more attention, but he does have it down: when in doubt, buy jewelry. (which is almost always followed nine months later with a little bundle of crying, bed-hogging, cuteness)
I think the gift I got the absolute most excited about was my steam cleaner, lol. He had bought me jewelry, but I thought he had bought the steam cleaner, and I got so excited about it, that he HAD to go get that too, so I wouldn't be too disappointed. LOL
I think the weirdest was a wooden slat water bucket from Korea. I don't know why he bought that.
Oh, and I LOVE crushed ice!

scribbit said...

That's funny. I love the thoughts that go into some people's gift giving. It's interesting.