Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bawk, bawk, bawk

Well, it looks like all plans for the week are probably off. The weather here will probably be lousy tonight, so our Jr. High party is canceled. Actually, so many different things have happened to cancel this one party that I begin to wonder if there is some Divine intervention afoot. Of our six jr. high sponsors, one is on a business trip out of state, one has walking pnemonia, and the other might possibly have a toddler or two with the chicken pox.

The first in that list is my husband, and the last in the list is myself. Both of my kids have had the Varicella Vaccine, so if they do have chicken pox, it should be a very mild case. I don't know. Mim just got these spots today, so I'll have to keep an eye on them and see if they develop that pussy/blister thing.

This means that Friday's plans for the banquet are off, too. (See previous post) But I think the school was having second thoughts about letting us carry out the date anyway, because they don't want to set a precedent of faculty/staff members bringing their children. I understand their point, and really don't mind, although it does make me a little sad. I think I've talked Eddie into asking one of the girls from the Girl's Dorm to go with him, instead. I remember going to the banquet with a bunch of girls and no date in sight my junior year, and I know it would make someone happy, even though they know it's just for a friendly meal.

Only three more nights and two days before Daddy will be home. I think we'll make it. We've had a couple of exciting trips to Wal-mart to tide us over, complete with a new video and some Color-Wonder paints. It's got to say something about my mental and cultural state when a trip to Wal-mart is an excuse to get the kids all dressed up. Life's a Party!

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Bramblerose said...

Sean had the chicken pox. But it wasn't bad at all. He had maybe 10 poxes on his belly and was just a little bit more clingy than usual.