Monday, March 05, 2007

We had a wild and crazy weekend. Daddy got home from Minnesota at 2:00am Saturday morning, and we had Zaya's birthday party Saturday afternoon. We only invited close family, but that was still 22 adults and three toddlers (counting mine). We had a lot of fun, and I'm so glad Daddy's plane made it through the snow. I didn't get the house completely clean, but Daddy helped tremendously, because he's just that kind of guy.

Sunday's are always crazy here. That whole "day of rest" thing is a bit misleading. Between worship team practice, worship time, nursery, teaching sunday school, special music, nursery again, family dinner, late naps, small group. . .oh well. I'm the one who said, "yes" so I should probably stop complaining.

I have to share a toddler anecdote. Zaya loves learning about how the body works. Particularly the digestive system. He knows what the esophagus is, but one of his books called it a "food tube" (I hate it when authors try to dumb things down) and so he sometimes calls it the one, and sometimes the other. Friday he was talking about his food tube and the following conversation ensued.

"Zaya, what is your food tube's real name?"


"Yes, that's right. It's called the esophagus."

"Yup. That is right. That's its name. Food Tube Esophagus Johnson*"

"Ummm. It's not the same thing as a person's name, honey. It's just what it's called. Body parts don't have middle and last names."

Life must be so confusing when you're three! The picture is from a particularly plushy snugglefest in sister's crib the same day.

*Name changed to protect the innocent. Just imagine it with your own last name and you'll get an idea of the essential cuteness factor (ECF).


julie said...

Hey Babystepper! Zaya appears to defy his angelic appearance! What a character! Have great day honey!

JAM said...

Food Tube Esophagus Johnson?

That is a cool name. Maybe it can be his stage name when he becomes a famous rapper...

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

Ok that is funny