Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #12

This is my 100th post, but I'm not going to make it the Thursday One Hundred or anything. Just thought I'd mention it. I can't even think of thirteen things about the number 100.

A caveat for my previous TT post. Just in case any of you went out and read Terry Pratchett, don't think that I agree with his worldview. I'm not recommending him as a spiritual mentor.

Thirteen Animals that My Son is Attached To, and Which Must Be Available at All Times in Case He Decides They are in Favor. The sheep are first.

1. Lillian - Special Sheep numero uno. She even has a character on our wii (called a mii) Picture above.
2. Marion - Grey sheep who came with a little lamb of her own named. .

3. Jaqueline - See above. Also grey.

4. Vivian - A Gigantic bloated plush monstrosity. Actually belongs to Mim, but she's hardly allowed to touch it.

5. Evelen - A tiny little lamb, perfect for carting around.

6. Magdalene - This Easter's new addition. He found her in K-mart and fell in love. What could I do? She is quite soft or , Ossss, as Mim says.

7. Julian - A beautiful sheep made by hand by his Great Aunt Jalyth. Thank you!

8. Eunice, Lois and Dorcas - The three "Little People" sheep that came with our Fisher Price nativity set. (They're new testament sheep, hence the change in name pattern.)

Now we leave the sheep. . .

9. Lupe - A timber wolf. Carried around by his soft little neck. Whenever Mim grabs him, she howls like a wolf. Then howls like a baby because Zaya has probably just smacked her and taken him back

10. Rainbow - I'm not proud of this one. It's an aqua colored Care Bear with a rainbow on its belly. It belongs, once again, to Mimsy, but she daren't touch it. It, like Vivian, has been co-opted by brother. Also has her own mii.

11. Amarillo - A huge bloated duck, along the lines of Vivian. Drug around the house for a long time, with its plush belly gathering dust, hair, and all sorts of disgusting things that end up on the floor of a middle-class home.

12. De-Peuw - A disturbing skunk puppet, where one is required to insert one's hand under his tail. Speaks in a greasy French accent, and has his Doctorate. Pictured below performing his medical duties.

13. Lion Puppet - Yes, the name really says it all. He's a lion puppet. We celebrated his birthday a couple weeks back. Mommy even made him a cake. He is the one receiving CPR attention in the picture below.

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Angela Giles Klocke said...

My daughter LOVES her stuffed animals. And she's 10!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Funny what kids attach themselves to, isn't it?

Happy TT!

Lady G~ said...

My wee one, The Warrior is 10 years old. He LOVES his beanie babies. He plays with them all the time. They have been soldiers, baseball players, football players, soccer players, stunt animals, actors the list goes on. Amazing what the imagination of children can do.

Miscellaneous-Mum said...

My DD has about as many special toys, lol. Thx for visiting me :)

JAM said...

Awww. That's great. I was a little boy attached to a select couple of stuffed animals. Later, I was fascinated by, but didn't have the guts to play with, my older sister's Barbie dolls. Boys don't do that.

I later discovered the joy of boy dolls, ahem, action figures, and loved them.

I still grew up to be relatively normal. (uncontrollable entire left side of face twitch, twitch)

Kids and their favorite comfy friends are precious to watch. I can see where a hand puppet would need cpr when not filled out with a hand.