Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #13

These are Thirteen of my favorite genre fiction authors. This is not to say that I don't read anyone else, but these are the authors that I go out of my way to read and collect. There are some Christian and some secular. If anyone would like more information, I'm always glad to talk about my favorite books! If I were a good TTer, I'd go find you all some pictures or something, but, umm, these are authors, so just use you imagination. You'll have to when you read the books anyway, so it's good practice.

1. Frank Peretti - Classic. Christian Fiction in it's earlier and, in my opinion, better, times
2. C.S. Lewis - I love his apologetics and his fiction
3. G.K. Chesterton - Father Brown is great. He's very wise, if you pay attention and look for it.
4. Terry Pratchett - See previous TT. Satirical Fantasy
5. Agatha Christie - Well, what can I say, if you like mysteries, you like Christie.
6. Dorothy Sayers - Hands down one of my absolute favorites. I wish she'd written much, much more. When she stopped writing detective fiction, she did some apologetic work, which is also great.
7. Ngaio Marsh - Also a great mystery writer. Prolific and interesting.
8. Rex Stout - Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin. What's not to love? A&E also has two seasons worth of these mysteries out on DVD, and they're great. (And cheaper now than when I bought them.) There are so many books that you can go for a long time without re-reading. (But I don't, because I have a bad memory. I love to re-read.)
9. Erle Stanley Gardiner - Also incredibly prolific. Perry Mason was a whole generation's introduction to the courtroom.
10. Alistair MacLean - This is more like spy thriller, except it's cleaner than most. I've loved MacLean's books for years and years.
11. Helen MacInnes - Similar to MacLean, but slightly different in a womanly way. (ie There is usually a small romantic interest. Don't worry, it doesn't interfere with the story. Well, I guess MacLean's have that too.)
12. Mary Stewart - I would call these romantic suspense. You have to read her first nine. They get weird after that.
13. Carolyn Keene - Well, I don't know who this person really was, but we just can't ignore Nancy Drew, now can we?

Oh, Okay, and J.R.R. Tolkein, of course. That's 14, I know, but who can leave him out of a list of favorites?

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scooper said...

Nancy Drew books are the bomb. Have you saw the trailers for the Nancy D. movie that is coming out? I'm not to thrilled with the way they've butchered my childhood.

Ciar Cullen said...

LOL I wrote a fan letter to Caroline Keene (I think the real one had already died and her "secretary" took her fan mail)--there were a few of them. The letter back was a treasure of mine for years. Little did I know I'd write a book someday myself. Whoever she is, she influenced a generation of girls. Nice list!

JAM said...

I love, love, love to read. Mysteries are some of my favorites. I remember in the late 80s when Peretti's This Present Darkness came out. Loved it. I've read some of his others, but not all.

If you like mysteries, you might try Dick Francis's books from your library. They are mostly set in England, and almost all have something to do with horses (Mr. Francis was a champion steeplechase jockey back in the day), and invariable have an unassuming and overlooked normal person step up and do extraordinary things and become the hero of the books. He's one of my top five all time authors.

Cool list; I'll have to check out some of these folks next time at the library.

Lady G~ said...

Great list! I enjoy reading too. You've got some of my favorites on your list too. :o)

While writing my TT list for this week, I was thinking about what to write for next week's list. I was thinking of writing a list of books that I've read. I might still do that. That's if I remember too.

Hope you have a blessed Thursday!

Qtpies7 said...

I love to read, but haven't been doing it for a looooong time now. I'm waiting for a new book from Beverly Lewis, then I will be enticed back into my own little world, ignoring every hunger pain in my family's bellies.

Heather said...

I also love Peretti, Lewis and Pratchett.

Cordia Amant said...

Many of the authors on the list are new to me, but one of my all-time favorites is still C.S.Lewis. I rediscovered Narnia a few years ago and have been back many times since. Great list!

Miscellaneous-Mum said...

Ngaio Marsh, now that's a name I haven't seen in a while. My mum loves her

Cindy said...

Great list! A few years ago, I went on an Agatha Christie kick, and read just about everything she ever wrote. I loved living in that world, if you know what I mean. I've also read a couple of Dorothy Sayre books...I understand she was a devout Christian.

Cindy said...

Oh, I forgot...I love Mary Stewart too. I've read a few of them several times..."Nine Coaches Waiting," "The Moon-spinners" and "This Rough Magic," to name a few.