Wednesday, March 14, 2007

C+ Mommy

I decided that I've earned about a C+ so far in Parenting 101. I decided this while I was sprinkling extra sugar sprinkles onto a pan of Rice Krispies treats. What kind of mother adds extra sugar to marshmallow covered cereal squares? I mean, really. That right there shoots my chance at an A. Then, to top it all off, my kids are watching Blue's Clues. . .again. I've got all these great educational games, toys and books, but they're not doing a whole lot of good up there in the closet. Instead, I blog while my children's brains slowly turn into gelatin and ooze out their noses. Which reminds me, we need more Kleenex.

I'm down to a straight C now, but I'm giving myself extra credit for scrubbing and cleaning the kitchen three times in three days, and for vacuuming under the couch cushions yesterday. Maybe I can earn some more points after naptime. It's not looking good, though. My toddler just had to remind me to give him his antibiotic. He calls it "The Medicine that Says, "Get Away Those Germs." You know, that bubble gum flavored stuff they won't give adults. (No matter how much I beg.)


Mike said...

I actually read somewhere that Blues Clues, when watched with parents, develop deductive reasoning in toddlers.

And yes, I also sprinkle sugar in my kids' breakfast cereal. That's one of my secret in being called by my 3-year old as the "bestest ever."


Sara said...

Wow, if you're getting a C+ for that I'm doomed. Jonathan was gone overnight and my kids havn'et watched anything education, I've slacked on V's school work for a few days now and I don't feel like changing my pattern of behavior until I get my kitchen picked up (not even scrubbed), the trash out and the mountain of clean laundry folded (it's huge, teller then V). I guess I'm failing with a flourish right now. ;-D

Bramblerose said...

Dear Cuz,
You are too hard on yourself. No one is perfect. Your children are happy, fed,clothed,sheltered and very much loved. That's what matters.

Keri said...

Hi, there. Just came across your blog by way of Raising Five. I suspect that our Lord sent me here to show me that I'm not alone! I sobbed into my pillow this morning because I'd say I'm pulling about a D- in parenting this week. My almost-3-year-old and 5-month-old are pushing me to my limits and I'm afraid I'm guilty, too, of using sugar and DVDs to make my life easier. Thank God for His grace!

I'll definitely be checking in here again. A quick glance at your recent posts tells me I'll like you! :)

Uisce said...

most of your grade is from the final exam. don't sweat it.