Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mommy, What are you Watching?

I just saw about the funniest newscast I've seen in a long time. Matt Lauer was interviewing Cookie Monster on Sesame Street. (For all my relatives who don't watch TV, Matt Lauer is the main male anchor on The Today Show on NBC.) Yes, I'm sure it's a repeat episode, but somehow I hadn't seen it before.

Cookie Monster had allegedly given up cookies, and Matt was trying to find out why. Now Cookie Monster has pretty much always been my favorite character anyway. Who wouldn't love a big furry blue puppet who says things like "Me find meself on horn of dilemma" or "Me go through sea change" or "It bit esoteric, but what the hey."

In the interview there is a mix of Muppets and people in the background holding homemade posters, just like the loonies on the actual Today show. Two puppets are holding signs saying "Marry Me Mindy" and fighting for the front row. Others have signs cheering on Matt or Cookie Monster.

It turns out, of course, that Cookie Monster hasn't actually given up cookies. He just likes a little fruit every now and then too. (Sesame Street is increasingly PC these days.)He accuses Matt of blowing things "way out of proportion" in typical media fashion. At the end, CM eats all the fruit, and a cookie that Matt has brought out to tempt him, and Matt's microphone. Now that's classic entertainment. I'd rather watch that then the actual Today show.


JAM said...

I still sing C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me... around the house.

Cookie rocks. I always loved his jiggly eyes.

I wrote a post about a childhood dog of ours named Cookie, no relation to Cookie Monster though.

tAnYeTTa said...

tooo cute. i would love to see a clip of that interview.

i'm with you on the today show. i cannot remember the last time i saw that show. :)