Friday, October 12, 2012

Monster Stomping

We had a little family game night here on Friday evening. We pulled out Munchkin, which was a Christmas gift of Art's last year. (Yes, some of the cards were removed and thrown away before the game commenced.)

Even though Zaya was wearing his Buckler of Swashing, and Art was sitting at level 9 for three or four rounds, it was Mim who was the first to level ten. This may have had something to do with my helping her defeat the final monster. (I gave her my Cotion of Ponfusion.)

What can I say? Mama doesn't like games that go on and on and on.... Besides, it was bath-time, and after bath-time comes bedtime, and when the children are sleeping I can officially congratulate myself on another day successfully completed.

My definition of success is that my family members are still alive and mostly unharmed, and nothing major in the house was destroyed. Keeping your expectations low is vital to keeping your sanity as a mommy. That's my theory anyway.

 Another free parenting tip - the kids can put whatever they want on their popcorn. Why not? I may think it sounds disgusting, but they enjoy the illusion of freedom, and no one is harmed. That is why Mim has a container of chili flavored lime-salt and a small bottle of pink cake sugar. Something that would be considered cruel and unusual in any civilized court of law can be exciting and delicious to a seven-year-old.

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aftergrace said...

We love game night! Yes, and popcorn is the perfect do it yourself treat!