Thursday, October 11, 2012


Mim has suddenly developed an interest in My Little Pony. It's a little bit like a virus. Once the child is exposed to it, you discover whether or not they have an immunity. I believe she will recover, which means her system is strong, but she couldn't completely fight it away. I suppose letting her spend her money on a Pony (oh, and then buying her one for her birthday) didn't help. What can I say? "Mommy" is just another word for "enabler."

She has also started fixing hair. Not her own, mind you, because that would be fantastic and Mom would be thrilled. No, it's mostly the Ponies' hair that gets treatment. Usually it's brushed smooth and lovely, but she's discovered the wonders of hair spray as well.

At least she'll be prepared for a career in equine grooming if this whole homeschool thing doesn't work out. They'll have to be punk horses, though, because this child likes some bright colors.


Lilibeth said...

Wow! that's a lot of hairspray!

Hanna Klassen said...

Cari! This post cracked me up! Punk Where are you guys living now? I knew you moved but didn't remember exactly where:/ I know it's been forever.....but I miss you! Love all your homeschool posts too! Way to go! :)