Saturday, October 27, 2012

Back In My Day...

I am in the process of introducing our children's church kids to the delights of old-school flannel-graph. I tried the round-the-table Sunday school approach that they had been using, but it just didn't work for me.

They now sit in neat little rows. We sing songs like "Grow, Grow, Grow", "Jesus Loves Me", and "One Door and Only One." Oh, and we use the flannel-graph. So far the kids love it.

"Ms. Cari! Are we going to use the little pictures that stick on the boards again?"

"Yes, yes we are."

Are they learning more? I don't know. I haven't quizzed them. I do know they recognize backgrounds when I re-use them. I was using some great, borrowed CEF books, but there were too many pieces missing to go any longer with them, and I asked the church if they would consent to my finding a full set of flannel-graph. We now have a set that includes all the pieces for 128 Bible stories, 3 big backdrops, extra scenery, a disc of coloring and activity sheets, and a big book with all the stories.

So, what does that mean for my Saturdays for the foreseeable future? It means my scissors will be a little more dull, my back will ache a little more, and it means my bedroom will have things like this in it.

Those are scraps from a mere 3 of the ten-odd sheets of felt pieces.

Here is a small part of the set on my bed. (Yes, I have a lot of pillows. I realize this. Yes, my spouse complains.)

Here's the top page in one of the file boxes. As you can see, it's the Jesus page. Mim walked over there and said,

"Mom, do you think they're all talking to each other?"

If they are, it's probably to mention my bad cutting skills, but we know He's forgiving, so I'm sure it'll be alright. Besides, I'll go back around each piece in detail when it's time for each story. Really! I will! This is just for now!

It'll be a few weeks before I can get started using the new pieces, but I'm looking forward to it. It's amazing how much better behaved the children are when they have something bright and shiny to look at. I'd better be careful or Pastor Bill will be asking for them!


Lilibeth said...

It looks like a "cutting" party is in order. Maybe you should bring a few when you come and we could sit around with scissors.

aftergrace said...

I love flannel board! You are right-it is so retro!