Monday, October 15, 2012

Project Improv

It turns out I sew the same way I cook. Which is to say, I compile tons of ideas and patterns and books, then I just make up my own things and completely ignore all the advice.

We made a cloak for our history project. It will have little Fleur-de-lis on it sometime in the near future. (Made with foam cut-outs and paint.) I have tons of instructions and patterns around for cloaks. I didn't use any of them. In fact, I didn't even iron the material or use any kind of measuring device at any point in the proceedings.

I realize one should not attempt to "eyeball it" until one has some degree of competence, but let's face it. If it's going to be a huge ordeal and take a lot of time and effort, it'll never get done. Instead, I bought a scrap of fabric and started making stuff up.

Zaya helped thread the tie through, and Mim sewed a few of the stitches.

I had her pose for this picture after we had started to clean-up, hence the lack of fabric and thread in the machine.

It won't stand up to close scrutiny by a professional, but it'll work for a couple of hyper, costume wearing kids who can't hold still for more than two minutes together. If it's always in motion, who's to know?

I'd like to say that I'll someday do everything just the way it should be done...but...I try not to lie. The most important thing is that it is actually finished, and the kids don't care if I evened up all the seams.


Lilibeth said...

Hey. It's a costume. Have fun.

Chandelle said...

Love this post! Just the way I attempt way too many things in life - including sewing. Looks fantastic!

aftergrace said...

Cute, cute cute!