Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Poor Little Pony

Mim: Mom, I want a pony.

Me: That's not happening. (I believe in letting them down easily.) When you are old enough to own your own place, then you can get one. Not before.

Mim: No. I want one now, not when I'm grown.

Me: (raised eyebrow) Oh really.

Mim: Yes, because when I'm older I won't want to do this. I want to get a pony and spray paint it to look like Twilight Sparkle. (pictured above)

I argued that the fact that she won't want to do it when she's older and wiser should give her pause, but her only response was

"Do you want to paint a pony?"


"There. That's why I should do it now."

I don't think she gets it....or maybe I don't.


Lisa said...

There are plenty of adults who would paint a pony. Maybe you haven't crushed her dreams yet.

Carina said...

Yeah, but if she still wants to do that as an adult, then it will crush my dreams.

Lilibeth said...

She's hilarious and has a certain, self-serving kind of logic that doesn't usually strike until the teen-aged years...