Friday, October 12, 2012

Living on the Edge

We went to Branson last weekend, and the kids (and I) experienced Silver Dollar City for the first time. Since they had never been to an amusement park before, it was a real toss up as to whether or not they would enjoy the rides. It turns out they were divided. One loved the roller coasters, one absolutely did not.

Here's your first clue as to which one is which.

The one hugging the rail and crying is the one who spent the day walking and window shopping with Mommy. The one sitting back with the big grin went on every roller coaster in the park. Some of them three and four times.

This is the face of a risk-taker.

This is not.

This ride is called Wildfire.

Art and Zaya rode it four times. Four times. Why? You'll have to ask them, because I wasn't even tempted to try it once. I don't see how pants-wetting terror is an enjoyable feeling, or can be labeled "fun", but apparently there are enough people who feel otherwise that it's worth it to the park to have quite a few roller coasters (and they're building another that the boys are excited about).

Mim and I had a great time as well, but our fun was just a little more peaceful and tummy-friendly. We bought gifts for Zaya and new cousin Edison, a few postcards for writing practice, candy from the sweet shop, and Mim did find a fun house that she loved. It made me dizzy, so by the end of the day she and Zaya (we had caught back up with the boys and she wanted to show it to him) went through it by themselves while I watched. Oh, and there was a river ride that was tame enough to tempt her, and received a two thumbs up from the little critic.

We definitely plan to go back someday, and this time we'll know from the beginning to split up and meet for lunch.


Lilibeth said...

That risk-taking grin is scary...but I think there is one to match it behind him.
There is also an "underground" river ride that Mim would like. It's very mild, and you get to shoot laser pistols at targets all along the way. I rode it you see how tame it would be.

Carina said...

She liked that one, but there was a skeleton at the end that caught her off-guard and ruined the experience.

aftergrace said...

It sounds like you all the perfect day. I'd like to visit Branson someday.

Chandelle said...

What a beautiful family picture! The children are growing so big, and your hair is long. Glad you are enjoying life.