Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Whirlwind Continues

Zaya is officially finished with Pre-K, as of yesterday's school picnic, and I would like to say that the crazy, care-free hedonism of summer has settled into the Teeson household, but it simply isn't true. Not quite yet, anyway.

Tomorrow I'll be setting up for the school garage sale, of which I am in charge, and then Saturday will be the big event itself. After the garage sale, Art and I will go to Oklahoma City for the wedding and reception of one of his coworkers. It ought to be fun and interesting, as the couple are both Vietnamese, and we have no idea what to expect as far as traditions and events.

The kids will stay with Grandma Lilibeth all Saturday night, and we will go pick them up after church on Sunday. They are alternatively excited and nervous about their sleep-over, and I imagine Grandma is probably feeling about the same way, but the parents are definitely grateful for the free evening and morning it will provide.

Then next week...DUM, Dum, dum...VBS. Always the most hectic week of summer. Wait, no, that's VBS at Grandma Lilibeth's church. At least this one is at our home church and will not require driving. And, for the first time in my life, I am doing snacks. Snacks! I will not have to herd, discipline or teach small children! Do you know what kind of freedom that is? It's incredible. My only worries this next week will be if Mim is handling being on her own well.

On with life and motherhood. I will be incommunicado for a few days as I try to pretend I have some kind of organizational abilities and know how to run a garage sale. Although, on reflection, it's probably too late for that now.

(I'm reminded by the picture that I've included that Mim used to call that particular playground toy a "teeter-tot" which was always a funny image for me.)

Tonight Mim prayed that there would be good parents to take care of all the old horses, and that they wouldn't trip and fall.

And Zaya said that Strong Skunk was so strong he could even lift up the Spinnicks. When I asked him what in the world a Spinnicks was, he said, "You know, that big lion with a man's head." Oh, right, the Sphinx!


Lilibeth said...

Grandma Lilibeth is up to the challenge...I think. Don't worry. We'll have a grand old time.

tina said...

I always do snacks! Kids are scary. Plus, I make great brownies.

Qtpies7 said...

Snacks are way more work than I want to do, lol. I always do the nursery if I can. I won't teach or drag kids around. Not my thing, I have enough "fun" with my kids at home, I don't need anyone else's kids to drive me crazy, lol. Babies are different, they are a joy!

Tracey said...

Hope the garage sale goes well! We have VBS at our church in June also; I'm helping out as a teacher again this year. Since I used to teach school, just doing it one week a year seems pretty tame! :)

aftergrace said...

Wowie, you have a full plate!

I hope you and Art have a fantastic time at the wedding, and also on your adventure with just the two of you. I have great confidence in Lilibeth, she's amazing.

VBS...snacks are a good choice. Everyone loves snack time. :)

Mike said...

They grow up fast, huh?

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