Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Which the Future is Contemplated

If my children were poets, Zaya would be Kipling and Mim would be T.S. Eliot. I say that to explain why there are so many more posts about funny/strange things that Zaya said than that Mim said. Unless I get to the computer right away, and I mean immediately, I cannot remember what it was that Mim said, because it can be so crazily disjointed and off-the-wall, but fraught with meaning. I will do my best to start writing down those moments I have with her during the day, but it will not be easy.

All that to say, here are a few of Zaya's classic lines from the last few days.

"Mommy, I bet the astronauts trust in God when they are out in space." I told him that some of them did, but some of them didn't know about Jesus. "Mommy, do you think Neil Armstrong knows Jesus?" Which stumped me, of course, because I am completely unaware of the state of Neil Armstrong's soul.

Today he said that he's going to pray to Jesus that he can be the first man to land on Mars. He desperately wants to get to Mars, for reasons known only to him. Tonight when I tucked him in I told him about the first Lunar landing, and how his Grandpa watched it as a little boy on his TV set.

I told him how the whole world watched and cheered and cried as Neil Armstrong stepped out of the Eagle and touched down onto the moon, and about Armstrong's line, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Then I told him that maybe someday the whole world would watch him step down out of a ship and onto the surface of Mars.

"Zaya, what do you think you will say to the whole world when they watch you put your foot onto Mars?" With not even a second's hesitation he said, "Wow! This sure is a red planet!"

Which ought to give everyone back home a little grin, if not actual inspiration.

Here's another little gem from our walk home tonight. We were discussing evaporation (again) and he said, "The water cycle will keep on until Jesus comes back and calls it to Him, because the water is His."

Which is actually a really cool image, I think. Maybe not technically scriptural, but awesome anyway. (In the original meaning of the word, of course.)


aftergrace said...

You are right! Every drop of water on earth has been here since creation. Smart guy that Zaya.

Qtpies7 said...

What a smartie!
I can tell you that you are going to have a lot of fun parenting that boy, lol. He is SO much like Drew was at that age. Drew is a ton of fun.