Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Blogger, By Any Other Name...

So, after a few confusing incidents, I've decided that I need a new name for myself on my blog. The rest of my family have names, so why do I have to be Babystepper? It doesn't make much sense. It was sort of an accident of fate, as people I knew from other blogs gave me the name in lieu of any other.

I need help, though, in deciding what my new blog name will be. My sister has provided a couple of ideas and I thought of a few myself too. What do you all think?

1. Elaine
2. Bella
3. Noel
4. Carina
5. Mari
6. Claire
7. Elaine Goki (Mim helped with that one.)

I also need a good last name for our family. Any ideas for that one?


aftergrace said...

Carina gets my vote.

Chandelle said...

Carina is my pick too. Followed by Bella. :)

Johanna said...

Mine too! Carina

Lilibeth said...

or maybe Carina-belle!

Sara said...

I like Carina, but Elaine Goki has quite a ring to it. ;D