Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Blogger Formerly Known As Babystepper

It sounds fairly unanimous, so I think I'll go with Carina. Now I need to figure out how to change all of my information and how to let people know that it's still me. I say that as if there were a lot of people out there who cared. What can I say? Delusion gets me through my days.

And now, onto new developments in the Teesan household (That's our new family last name. See how I just slipped that in there?) Zaya talked me into buying him his first goggle and snorkel set for the summer. Who knew that Wal-mart made snorkels for 4-5 year olds? He was so excited to use it that I decided he could try it out in the bathtub last night.

The whole adventure was a great success.

The reason the water is an unnatural shade of...purply-gray-green, is that we put in bathtub coloring drops that I found on clearance, also at Wal-mart. What would we do without it? You notice in this next picture that we believe in having lots of obstacles in the water when the children bathe. You can see two different poufs and a play salt shaker. I suppose they make fantastic underwater creatures for certain snorkeling pre-schoolers.

When it was time to get the kids out, Zaya said, "Oh Mommy, I need to do just one more dive!"

I may have started something.


Lilibeth said...

I hope not. I seem to remember surprising a little girl, just as she was about to dive into the bath tub at grandma's house. She cut her chin on the faucet, I think. Of course she insists to this day that If I had only held my peace and not startled her the dive would have been a perfect one.

Scribbit said...

Oh that whole unfortunate shoe thing! :)

Well I think it's a lovely name and works well.

aftergrace said...

Looks like fun. Teeson?

Qtpies7 said...

I like Carina. Are you going to change your blog title?

Chandelle said...

Our bathroom has held very similar sights; from the snorkeling gear, to the tint of the water. Fun times!