Saturday, June 21, 2008

Virtual Makeover

Last year I came across on offer for blogwork by a lovely lady named Revka. She was just getting started in doing blog design, and said she would give a free header (That's the picture at the top of my blog.) to the first few people who e-mailed her requesting one.

I swallowed my pride and e-mailed, for two reasons. No, three. First, I'm not a designer. I'm terrible at lay-outs and anything that involves a sense of style. Yes, this includes my home and my person. Sad, but true. The second reason would be laziness. I wanted something nice at the top of my blog, but the work involved to learn HTML was just too much. My third reason, of course, was that it was free. Yes, free is good.

However, Revka did such a great job that I would recommend actually paying for her services. I know, it's a leap, but I've really enjoyed the work she did and am still perfectly happy with my header. It makes me look like I have a sense of style. And a laptop.

If you'd like to get a little work done on your blog, and help out a fellow blogger at the same time (me), you could let RS Designs know that I referred you when you place your order. If you do that you'll get a "free surprise addition (a $10 value) to your order." Doesn't that just make you want to go out and get a snazzy little blog makeover. (I'll be getting a little bit of a discount if you do this, that's the "helping me" part. Don't let that sway you one way or the other, though.)


Qtpies7 said...

Revka did the header and blog makeover on my Good Stuff blog. I paid for the makeover, but won the header.
I am thinking about having her redo my qtpies blog, I love the design but it is not the new blogger, so it is all html to change or add anything to the side bars, and I am not that smart. It hurts my brain to use it, lol.

aftergrace said...

I do think your header is mighty spiffy...I'm just too boring a person to indulge. Did she do lilibeth's also?

Lilibeth said...

Actually, I did my own, with a cutting from one of those pictures of my flooded street last summer. The title looks a little out of place, but, all in all I like it. I'm like Babysteppers though, but I'm now kind of used to mine. What I DON'T like though about some people's blogs is the way they fill up the sides with so many adds that they don't have room for their writing, then they have an ellipisis to click on if you want to finish reading any one article.

Revka of RS Designs said...

Aw, thanks for the kind words and awesome recommendation! I'm so glad you still love the header I created for you, and it's particularly gratifying to hear that you think my work is worth paying for.

I just read your post about your son starting pre-K. I hope that all works out well for you. I hope, too, that your friends understand that your family made the decision regarding the school based on your own needs. It sounds like you guys talked this through thoroughly before reaching a decision.