Monday, June 30, 2008


The other day, Mim and and I were talking about C'aunt Sarah's wedding. Mim is going to be co-flower girl with her cousin Jaida, (Zaya will be ringbearer) and she's very excited about her beautiful dress and the wedding shower we recently gave for Sarah.

I was explaining to Mim that a wedding shower does not involve water, but is more like a big party. I told her that Sarah is going to marry a special man.

Mim said, "Yeah, cause she doesn't need her daddy anymore."

She put this forth in such a grown-up little voice, as if we were two grown ladies talking about marriage and only we understood these things.

It made me remember my own daddy at the time that I prepared for my wedding and the changes that would take place in all of our lives after that event.

My parents really liked Art, and they had no worries at all about the kind of husband he would make, but I remember many conversations with my father about the role of a husband and the role of parents.

He would tell me, "You shouldn't come running to us any time you have a little problem. You two will have to work things out yourselves because that's what it means to be married. But if he ever hurts come home, and Daddy will take care of you. And him."

I've never had to run back to Dad, of course, because Art is the kindest, gentlest man God ever made, but I've always appreciated knowing that my father not only understood that I "didn't need him anymore" but also that I would always need him.

I hope and pray that Mim will understand this too, when the time comes. When you marry, you do put your life into the hands of another person, and their ideas and beliefs should take precedence to those of your parents, but....Mim too will always need her daddy.


Heather said...

A very sweet thing for Mim to say, but don't tell her daddy. Daddies like to believe that their little girls will always need them.

aftergrace said...

Mim is wise beyond her years.

Lilibeth said...

Very true. I told my Dad thank you for helping me find a specific painting tool for Turtle. He said:
"that's what Dad's are for."

Qtpies7 said...

What a wise man your daddy is. I learned not to go to my parents with our marraige issues by watching my mom. She came to us until we all hated her husbands, yes, more than one, and I didn't want my family to hate my husband after I had forgiven and moved on.

I know my dad also wouldn't forgive some things, I am his little girl.

Sarah said...

this makes me miss my dad--he said the exact thing to me on my wedding day. that and "it's not to late to turn back, you know" as he was walking me down the aisle :)