Friday, June 06, 2008

Imagination Powered

The summer reading program has released a new burst of imaginative play in our house.
We have more than 20 books checked out right now, and we're trying to get through 176 more (just Mim's, that is) so we'll have enough "Bug Bucks" to buy a cute little purse with a bug on it. (That's 50 Bug Bucks total at 4 books a Buck. She currently has 6 Bucks.)

Anyway, several of our books are about sea creatures. The titles being variously, "Rays", "Eels", "Squids", "Sponges" and the riveting "Puffer Fish". They have now been read several times to both children and apparently absorbed.

Yesterday, amid the chaos of a thunderstorm and a total lack of electricity, my children became sea creatures. A Puffer Fish and a Shark, to be more exact.

Can you guess which was which?

The size of Mim's mouth never ceases to amaze me. Those are some nice healthy tonsils she's got there. Zaya was also heard to say, "I am biting things with my beak-shaped teeth! I eat shellfish. Daddy, you are a clam!" Daddy cowered appropriately.

Lest you think we sound too intellectual here, let me also add that they spent a large amount of time running like lunatics this morning around and around the kitchen/hall loop; one wearing a black stocking cap and the other holding a (clean) Disney princess pull-up (leftover from the potty-training days)yelling, "STEP IN! STEP IN! STEP IN!", then laughing like hyenas and reversing roles.

Ah...the peaceful days of summer.


Heather said...

I remember many, many summer days spent reading. Today was the last day of school here. I asked my oldest niece what books she was going to read over the summer. Her answer: none.

What?!? I'm gonna have to work on that girl a little more.

aftergrace said...

Ah, the days of summer...bath time at our place used to be very entertaining as well.
I actually miss those toddler days, now I just have aloof college students..(heavy sigh)

Qtpies7 said...

Oh, the fun days.
My older kids used to be into all the learning books. Drew would not read a book if it was a story, it had to be scientific or he had no interest. His favorite book was the Science Encyclopedia, and still is.

Crissybug said...

I love the summer reading programs the libraries have. I think they should have them year round! It is so fun to watch the kids take in what they are reading. The pictures crack me up!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

ha ha her picture cracks me up! She looks like she is in a scary movie shower scene!