Friday, June 27, 2008

See the World

Art has an uncle, Justin, who is not all that much older than he is. He has always seemed more like a cousin, and we enjoy talking with him and his wife Christina

Well, Justin and Christina are on a world tour. Not the ritzy, cruise-ship style of world tour, though. This is the real way to see the world. They'll be out of the country for months and months and have no more luggage with them then two backpacks each. Yes, just the thought of that fills me with fear. I would pack that much for a weekend.

They're currently in New Zealand, and they are keeping the rest of the world posted about their travels through pictures and blog posts. Follow the links to see where they've been and what they've seen.

Blog - Hobo Honeymoon

Photos - These are fantastic as Christina is an avid photographer.

If you want to know where all they'll be going this year, read the first couple posts on their blog. The posts arrive in spurts, as they don't always have internet access, but it's worth the time to go back and check periodically.

Our family is currently living out their wanderlust vicariously. Maybe someday we can go see some of these amazing places ourselves, but these photos and explanations will do for now.


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It really is a lovely photo.

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Looks like fun! I'm heading over there!