Saturday, June 14, 2008

And So it Goes

Just an interesting sidenote. This is my 400th post. Yea.

Mim now has a fever. Of course, she comes down with it on Friday evening. I did finally get hold of our doctor and he's called in a prescription for her. She shook things up a bit by getting sick at a family event instead of before. So far it's just a fever, and I'm hoping it stays that way since she had her first dose of antibiotics within an hour of getting her fever. (Zaya had one dose left after he had completely finished his.)

We were at Grandma Lilibeth's house, celebrating her return. She's been in Arkansas for the last 2 1/2 weeks looking after my paternal Grandmother who had a wreck. Grandma can't move without her special back brace, so life alone in her apartment is currently impossible. I'm glad my mother was able to go help, and I hope Grandma is healing quickly, but I'm sure glad she's back. I don't like being the responsible one in the family. I'm just not qualified yet.

On another interesting and totally unrelated note, I asked my little niece, Jaida, if she would sing me her favorite song the other day. She sang, "F-R-E-E that spells free. Credit Report dot com Baby!" I asked her where she learned that lovely little ditty and she said, "Daddy!"


Lilibeth said...

Well. It's good to be home.

aftergrace said...

Sorry the kids have been sick. I'm afraid it's just something that happens at their age. Alli and Ren were sick what seemed like all of the time from the ages of 2 to 5. They finally ended up getting their tonsils out when they turned 5. They've been much healthier.
Well, I'm glad your mom is back too. I've missed her.

JAM said...

I hate that she was sick and that your grandmother was hurt too.

That same credit report .com commercial gets stuck in my head. Especially the one where he went to buy a new car and ended up with "a used sub-com-pact". I have to put my ipod on for a while to wash tunes like that out of my head with ones I don't mind being stuck in my head.