Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #51

Names I considered for my two kids.

Back when I was first married, I had names picked out for all six of my future children. Yeah. That didn't happen. (not yet, anyway, but I do realize God has a sense of humor)

Here are a few of the names I considered for Zaya and Mim. (I do hope you all realize that those aren't actually their real names either. Sorry.)

for Zaya

1. Charles
2. Cedric
3. Alastair
4. Carson
5. Caoilfhionn - This one was my favorite and I really wanted to use it, but my family and friends forbid it. It's Welsh and pronounced Kee-Lin.
6. Aodhan - I had never heard this name before, and really liked it. Now I'm glad I didn't use it, because it ended up being the most popular name for boys the year he was born. (With variations in spelling.)

for Mim

7. Alaina
8. Ariana - I still like this one, but it didn't fit with her brothers name once she was born.
9. Alexa
10. Tabitha - Don't know if I could use it because I keep thinking of the litte girl witch in Bewitched.
11. Lydia
12. Sariah
13. Keren-Happuch - Just kidding.

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aftergrace said...

I think the names that they ended up with are perfect! It would certainly raise an eyebrow, or two to introduce your children as, Caoilfhionn, and Keren-Happuch.

Nissa said...

I like Alastair. :) It's one I contemplated for my son as well.(Alasdair)

And Tabitha for my daughter (but yes, it does bring up images of bewitched..the little girl was really cute, though!)

Cindy Swanson said...

I love, LOVE Celtic/Gaelic names...although my kids didn't end up getting one. And about Caifhalon, or whatever...hey, people have finally understood after all these years that Sean is pronounced Shaun and Siobhan is Shavon, so there would be hope! :)

Sharon said...

These are beautiful names. :)
We named our oldest Aidan, but I didn't know it was so popular until AFTER he was born. (and I never watched Sex and the City, either)
I'm also big on the Irish names. Our two boys are Aidan and Brennan.

I also love Carson.
Nice taste for names. :)
Have a great TT!

Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

Picking out names is my favorite part of having a baby. I love going through names. We were really set on naming her Lucy, but we also really likes Leanna or Hailey. I really like #11 Lydia....super super pretty

Sara said...

God's sense of humor came out in me having twins. My joke was taht since we said we wanted 4 kids he would give us twins the 4th pregnancy. I got the twins the 3rd pregnancy instead. Just watch what you say. lol

Qtpies7 said...

I love, love picking baby names!
I didn't use the names I had picked out as a teenager. Well, OK, I did, since I was a teenager with my first two kids, but before that I wanted Victoria for a girl. Haven't used it.

Donnie has always, always tried to get me to name our sons Dorn. UGH! Or Thor. And he is serious about both. Now I am inclined to give him one of those if I can use Trigve!
For a girl we both want Larkin.
I was reading a book one day, not pregnant or anything. And Donnie walks in and says "What if we name our next girl Larkin?" And I said "I was just going to say that I would love to name our next girl Lark!" WhY? LOL And still no baby, though.