Friday, February 01, 2008

Hey, y'all! I'm Famous!

Big Mama is a great Mommy blogger from Texas, who is always good for a laugh. On Friday she gives some basic down-home fashion advice. Today's edition is for kids, and she accepted my question about Zaya's pants. (I have issues finding them long enough and skinny enough.)

I don't know if I'm up for spending a lot of money on jeans for my son, but it would be nice if the little guy had at least a couple pair that didn't fall off of him. Seriously, the poor kid doesn't own a single pair of pants that have to be unbuttoned or unsnapped before he can take them off. He just slides them right down. It definitely makes potty time easier, but he's going to be an easy target for all those pants-pulling bullies in Kindergarten.

As you can tell, fashion is not our strong suit. (Thanks for the glasses, Aunt and Uncle B!)


Johanna said...

We get the jeans with the elastic and buttons in the waist. Old Navy does have good quality jeans. They really last, that is if you don't have a child like Andy who is constantly sliding on his knees. Patch the knee and you're good to go.

JAM said...


Well, if you're gonna make him wear suspenders, it's a Constitutional law that you have to wear a bow tie.

That'll surely get him killed on the dusty, dangerous kindergarten playground.

Kindergarten bullies are the worst.

Never mind.