Monday, February 11, 2008

Sleeping in Splendor

Mim got her first real Big Girl Bed this weekend. We shuffled things around in her little room and sort of crammed it in the corner. I had been saving some special blankets, sheets and pillows from around her first birthday (when she was too young to know we were getting her linens for her birthday, poor deprived child) and we pulled it all out and put it on her bed. She just loves it.

I'm not a bright, gaudy colors kind of person myself, and I always said my little girl's bedroom would not be pink and purple.


That's a whole lot of pink and purple shininess in one little place. The fuzzy blanket there is a very silky shag, and its back is deep, shiny purple. A bit overwhelming, but it was on clearance. I couldn't resist. And what can I say? She loves pink and purple. As I pulled out each new item from the box to put on her bed her eyes got wider and wider and she kept saying, "It matches!" OK, yeah, so I don't usually bother with little things like matching. This might be the last time, in fact, so I hope she doesn't get used to the idea.

I was telling Art, as we pulled this bed out and started putting it together, that it was my bed from childhood. Then I started trying to remember when I actually used it, and it turns out it wasn't half as sentimental as I thought it was. I only used this bed my freshman and sophomore years of college, and for the second of those I was living in the dorm across the state. Oh well. It did come from my Grandpa, and Mama Lilibeth and I sanded and refinished it, so that can be why it's sentimental instead.

Before we put a mattress on it, we had to make some kind of slats to lay across the frame. As with most everything, Art took it as a personal challenge, and came up with a substructure that could probably be used as an alternate saferoom for the family in the event of a tornado. There are eight 2X4s going across the massive three foot, four inch span of the bed and those 2X4s are screwed to a sheet of plywood. He then sanded the plywood smooth and rounded off all the edges with his router. I love my little overachiever.

Anyway, all that to say that the new bed and it's coverings are a big hit for all concerned, including the plush members of our family. Yesterday Mim was running around the house telling us to be quiet, because Bunny was asleep. This is what I found in her room. Hey, even a stuffed bunny needs his quiet time.


aftergrace said...

Mim is one lucky little girl, her new bed is fit for a princess! Purple, and pink are the same colors that Ren, and Alli like too, and have in their room.

Lilibeth said...

I love it...and I can tell by Mim's smile that she does too. Three generations of love put into this furniture for one very special little girl. Now, with her dad's addition, it will be sturdy enough for her to pass down to her little girl. As to the frills, I'm sure Art could probably attach a semi-canopy to the wall above...hee, hee, hee.

Qtpies7 said...

hey, I'd love to sleep in there! So, so cute! And girly! And princessy! Soft, shiney, silky, and oh, so pink!

Heather said...

I love pink and purple! Mim is one lucky girl. Great idea with the bedding spread over several birthdays. Our little one turns one in May, so I might have to use that trick!

Attolia said...

I would have loved a pink and purple bedroom at that age...and when I was quite a bit older too. :P

JAM said...

Both of our girls were so excited when they go out of the crib and into a real bed.

Mim and the stuffed ones are in the lap of luxury now.

As to vowing to never use pink or purple or gaudy colors in general; it reminds me of my Long Suffering Brother in Law who, when their first son was born declared, "He's ONLY going to be allowed to own NERF toys."

Yeah, like that really happened.