Saturday, February 02, 2008

Checking in to Life (I hope)

I know we're not supposed to wish our lives away, but I would just like to announce to the world at large that I'm glad this week is over and I'm hoping next week is oodles better. While the vomiting part of the stomach flu only lasted about 6-8 hours per kid, the diarrhea just started today. I can deal with that a little better, though, because the kids aren't quite as miserable.

Art has been great this week, even though he wasn't able to take any time off. Yesterday evening he brought me a dozen roses and a box of Sweetheart candy (one of my favorites) because he said he knew I'd had a lousy week. (True)

He just now walked into the living room saying, "I'm going to go see if the Super Bowl pre-game show has started." It's still Saturday night. That guy cracks me up.

(No, he doesn't like football. Neither do I. What I like about the Super Bowl is getting together with family and friends, eating lots of snack food, and making fun of the half time show and the overpriced commercials.)


aftergrace said...

I agree with you about he Super Bowl, I usually end up gabbing with my girlfriends the whole game. Plus, the snack food is a bonus!

Scribbit said...

Oh wow do you deserve a medal. Have you just done a million loads of wash or what?

Lilibeth said...

The youth are having a Super Bowl party, but we old foggies are not. I think we are having a prayer meeting in the auditorium while the youth do their thing in the back. Who knows. I might be home. Elizabeth-Ann is sick with a fever.

Mike said...

Hope you have a great week ahead.


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

we had a great time at our ss party. we all got together. it was a blast!