Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Wait is Over

Well, it happened. Zaya was up all night with flu. I say "all night", but he really did do a good job going back to sleep between episodes. I called my Mom-In-Law this morning, and she says Uncle C has it and, probably worst of all, visiting Uncle J, who was supposed to fly out of state today.

This is a particularly virulent type, I'm afraid, so I'm going to be nervously watching Mim, Art and myself all day. (Art's at work, so I guess I won't actually be watching him, just worrying.)

Pray for us. Please. Stomach bugs are just no fun at all.

On a positive note, my new camera came in! I used it to take the above picture of a freshly showered Zaya playing Dora the Explorer this morning. (I spared you his bucket.)


Lilibeth said...

Oops. We have a lot of students sick with it as well. Also our principal has it. I'll be covering his seventh-hour class. You don't suppose that flu shot I had earlier this year will help, do you? Throwing up is no fun.

Johanna said...

Oh! I'm so sorry. That's no fun at all.

JAM said...

I'll definitely pray. Your kids being sick is the ONLY thing worse than being sick yourself. We always hated that.

Now, what kind of camera did you get?

I'm an engineer, I NEED MORE DATA!

aftergrace said...

Oh dear, yes we will pray for all of you. I'd rather have a cold three times over, than to throw up. Sorry you all have to go through this.

Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

I just had my first baby and I am scary of the first time she gets sick. I have a feeling it will be hard on both of us...good luck!!!!