Friday, January 25, 2008

So We Wait

Even though we knew the cousins had a cold yesterday, we let Zaya and Mim play with them at Grandma's house for about an hour in the morning. "It won't hurt them to get a little cold," I reasoned, "besides they probably won't because we'll be extra careful." It sounded good at the time.

Then came "the call." It seems Jaida woke up from her nap vomiting. Yeah. Panic ensued. What were we thinking? What if we all get it! Fear gripped my mommy's heart. Fear of being up all night, fear of cleaning up puke, fear of watching my children suffer. (not in that order, you understand) And it's just a stomach bug. I don't even want to know what I'd be like if my little ones were diagnosed with some kind of major illness.

You might as well just cart me off to the looney bin today, because I am not going to be fit for normal adult conversation. (Not that I'll have any of that until about six this evening.) I'm praying the shoe never drops, but I'll be a basket case until I feel like I know for sure.

Which brings me to that whole "faith" issue. I pray that they won't get sick, but I don't really believe that they won't get sick. I just hope. Can hope pull me through where belief fails? Can it be enough?

Update: Overnight baby Addy had it, as well as Jaida and Addy's Mom and Grandpa. Grandma was at their house taking care of the babies all night, and now Grandma says she feels pretty bad too. Of course, anyone would after being up all night with puking infants and toddlers. On the plus side, Jaida seems to be much better already, and Addy was drinking pedialyte by morning. Hope springs eternal.


Crissybug said...

Puking babies are soooo not fun. Hopefully it will pass over your household. If not...hopefully it will not last too long!

Qtpies7 said...

Garlic! Eat lots and lots of garlic. Get garlic tablets, the capsules with the garlic liquid. Garlic kills viruses. I had friends over one time, and one of my kids started throwing up while they were over! They stayed! And said "It's OK, we'll take garlic when we get home, we won't get it." And they didn't!
It works best if you chew up a clove, but good luck getting the kids to do that.
Hope you don't get sick!

aftergrace said...

Fear of the stomach bug never stops, even as your children get older. (they can make it to the bathroom much faster!)
Good luck, and keep the least the bug only lasts 24 hours.

Lilibeth said...

Well, I hope you don't get it. There goes our dinner Saturday night if you do. Plus I just tagged you for a meme (whatever that means) Go look at my site and see if I did it right. Well, that is if you don't have the flu. If you do you probably aren't reading this anyway.

JAM said...

Garlic kills viruses? Wow, viruses and vampires, that garlic is some powerful stuff. Plus, if you smell like garlic, almost every person or disease will WANT to stay away from you.

As for hoping in your prayers, I wish I had a dime I prayed like the old man in the Bible, "I believe, but would you please help my unbelief." He knew that he had a ways to go in faith for some things, and simply asked the Lord to help cover his shortfall.