Thursday, January 10, 2008

Funny Stuff. (At Least I Thought So)

Look! It's a U.F.B.


An Unidentified Flying Banana!

That may not sound funny to you or me, but apparently it's hilarious if you're three. That "joke" is found in The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System. Zaya kept making us go back to that page so we could read it again and again. After we finished the book I just gave it to him and let him read the joke to his hearts content. He cackled and cackled about it. The picture above is his face as he got to the punch line for about the 16th time.

Mim has an imaginary friend named Goki. Today, she drew a gift for him on paper. (It was lots and lots of circles and spirals) It was a sleego-sleego. (slinky) The conversation went something like this:

"I dwaw pwesent for Goki! It's a toy. It's a sleego-sleego."

"Do you mean a slinky, Mim?"

"Yeah! A Slinky!"

I think Goki enjoyed it. Later this evening she emptied her trash can into her laundry basket because he wanted to play in the trash can and it was full of junk.

I can see Goki (and his friend, Bobo) being the cause of a lot of trouble in the future.


Lilibeth said...

Oh yes, it's good to have someone to blame. I could use a Goki sometimes...come to think of it, I could eat a banana too.

aftergrace said...

I love the Magic School Bus!
When things get wacky around here, and nobody fesses up, it must be that Goki!

JAM said...

I love hearing kids giggle.

Even today, sometimes I hear our baby, 19, in her room watching her Are You Being Served DVDs she got for Christmas, and she'll giggle like she did as a little girl. I love it.

My younger brother used to draw imaginary creatures for our Dad. Little Brother was "Daddy's Little Man" and was forever trying to please him or make him laugh. To this day, Little Brother has the most outrageous comical personality of all us kids.

The tastes you see in them now with regards to what's funny or what's interesting to them will just continue as they grow, though I know you're already aware of and seeing this from your own experiences.