Monday, October 15, 2007

Moody Monday

Today was one of those days. You know, one of those days when I thought, "I am a lazy, undisciplined slob. I can't believe people trust me to raise children." As is typical on a Monday morning, the house was a disaster. There were(are) piles of laundry everywhere and we had(have) about a house and a half's worth of junk packed into half a house. It was better by this afternoon, but I was the poster child for postpartum depression this morning. (Yeah, my baby's two years old. What's your point?)

On a brighter note, Mim actually took a nap today, which gives me great and glorious hopes for the future. Tonight she went to sleep only after being given no less than four blankies, her bottle of water, two stuffed animals (Puppy and Bunny) and two dolls. (Baby and Nother Baby) Zaya is currently in the process of going to sleep, which involves Daddy reading him a story and chatting with him and generally being delayed as long as is humanly possible by his son. Zaya knows every trick in the book to get Daddy back in the room. He doesn't even try them with Mommy, but he knows Daddy will fall for them. I'm not going to complain. I'm just thrilled that Daddy handles bedtime by himself.

Speaking of which, it's time for Mommy to go take her bath. Ahhh.


lilibeth said...

Let's see...4 blankies, two stuffed animals, two dolls, water bottle...sounds like a little someone else knows a few tricks too. Maybe she's been reading the same book. ha ha.

Johanna said...

Sean's trick is to hug everyone in the house twice. Then give everyone a kiss too.

aftergrace said...
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aftergrace said...

I wish you would be kinder to yourself. You are a wonderful mother, wife, sister and c'ousin. Life with toddlers is tough, you are doing a wonderful job with them. The house work can wait.
These days are short and over with before you know it. Just enjoy your children and don't sweat the other stuff. Also, thank goodness for dads who snuggle and love bedtime reading.

Qtpies7 said...

Donnie does bed time a lot, I love it.
It can be frustrating having to go in and deal with all their little complaints to get you back, but it will be over soon and they won't want anything to do with you at bedtime.

JAM said...

Yeah, the people (adults) who are worn out and would love nothing better than to go to bed get kept up by the energetic ones (kids) who hate going to bed and being still in general.