Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Correction and a Little Randomness

I guess I should clarify something from my last post. I didn't actually cut up my wedding dress to get that quilt fabric. I just used the fabric we had left over, because my saintly Auntie M made my dress for me. (And a lot of the other dresses.)

I just went to an Arbonne party and I've decided that if it's going to cost me $400 to have a perfect complexion, I'll just have to live with acne. I went to the party because my aunt-in-law invited me, and well, let's face it, an evening with no kids is an evening with no kids, regardless of whether or not someone is trying to sell me something. But seriously, their 9-step skin care system costs $380. Right. As my husband pointed out, that's half a computer.

I would post more, but my eyes are killing me right now. My optometrist told me that my eyes have gotten a little bit worse, so I'm using the contacts with the more powerful prescription, and they're giving me terrible eye strain. The computer makes it much worse, so I'm quitting. Now. Really.



Ugh...Arbonne! I hate, loathe, despise, and otherwise detest multilevel marketing programs. Arbonne reps are taught to stress how gentle their products are to allergy-prone skin because they are "all natural," but they seem to forget that most of us allergy-prone types are allergic to many many many things in nature.

I don't want to offend anyone who is an Arbonne user and seller, and I'm sure the products themselves work quite well for some people, but I am nauseated by the high pressure tactics I've seen used to sell this product.

aftergrace said...

Sunnybrook is right! Don't listen to these high pressure sales people. There as so many products that do exactly what Arbonne or any other of these over priced products that it's not funny. Believe me, Ren feels the exact same way that you do about your complextion and we found out the hard way how expensive some products can be. Guess what? You have been born into a family with over active oil glands. Me, your mom, your cousins and so on.. . But you are beautiful, expensive products or not.