Tuesday, October 02, 2007

In Which My Children Amaze Me

Here are a few verbal stunners I received from my children today.

Mim told Zaya "thank you" for something. (I think it was for giving her his gum wrapper to throw in the trash.) She was so proud of herself for saying "thank you" that she then told me, "Mommy, Me give Zaya hug." "Ok, you do that," I told her. Then I heard her in the living room hugging on her brother and saying, "Me like you Zaya." To which he responded, "Oh, I like you too, Mim." Let's all say it together, now.

**aahhh how cute**

A little later Zaya asked him if he could play Noggin. I told him no, since he's already completely re-beat his Dora RPG today. (little addict!) He said, "Mom, you are a good woman." To which his cynical mother replied, "Umm. Thanks. But you still can't play the computer." He just said, "That's OK," and ran off. Huh. Who'd a thunk it?

Then the world righted itself when I heard my son and heir yelling from the bathroom, "Hey, I made a big poop! It's even bigger than Daddy's!" I'm not even going to ask the question. I don't want to know.


Johanna said...


Qtpies7 said...

That is like Drew's recent comment, I DID ask him how he knows what "Butt" smells like, and he said "Duh, I'm a guy! I've had enough butts in my face."
Us girls do not sit on each other's faces enough, apparently. Or we keep our butt's nicer smelling, hehe.

JAM said...

I never got why boys were so into bodily functions.

Of course, as a teen I was right there with the fart jokes, but then I grew out of even that.

And I don't find comedians talking about stuff like that funny.

Nothing wrong with normal body functions, mind you, but nothing funny either.

JAM said...

Oh yeah, is that some sort of butterfly enclosure there?