Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mess-Free Breakfast Cereal

Here's a little tip I picked up from a friend of mine. You can buy these little containers at Wal-mart that have a lid with a hole in it. They're great for cereal. Especially the bigger kinds like Pops. Fruity Pebbles are really too small and tend to get spilled. The kids love eating cereal out of them, and I don't have to add milk this way. It's especially great when they eat their cereal out on the front porch. They're joining Gatito for a little brunch in this picture. Mim's mouth is full of Corn Pops. Hence the funny cheeks.

I know, Grandma, this is not family tradition. What can I say? If I thought they'd eat and appreciate biscuits with gravy, bacon, eggs and toast, I'd be up early making them, but I know they'd just as soon have the cereal. Now, if someone would make all that other breakfast stuff for me...ah, dreams.


Tendrils said...

What a great idea!!!!! :)

Qtpies7 said...

Those would just be great for about anything around here. Sports water bottles, cereal holders, snack containers for the car, lego holders, etc.

Love the cheeks!

aftergrace said...

Great idea-kids and cereal on the go!

JAM said...

Her cheeks look like hamsters on cute overload. That's a cool idea.

We could all use someone to cook breakfast like that for us, and it tastes better simply because someone else cooked it too.