Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #9

Thirteen Reasons I Don't Like My Husband's Business Trips

1. I'm a people person. I need adult conversation.
2. Two toddlers, one adult, all week. Ugh.
3. My kids always get sick while he's gone.
4. I need someone to help me explain to the dorm boys why they shouldn't shoot pool balls from a water balloon launcher.
5. Bathtime is Daddy's time with the kids. We all need that time.
6. He's the good cleaner in the family. When he's not home, my motivation just withers.
7. I don't have anyone to put my cold feet on at night.
8. Why cook for only one adult? I eat too much junk. Ugh again.
9. Two words. . Baby Einstein. Over and over and over. . . .
10. When the little ones wake up in the night, only Mommy's on call.
11. Why does he get to spend a week in a nice hotel and eat out every meal? Why, why why?
12. I'm a worrier. I promise my acne is worse when he's gone than it ever was in junior high. Universal injustice, there.
13. I know he's missing us and would love to hear our kids say cute things and learn new stuff too.

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Kim Priestap said...

I feel your pain. But next time he comes home from a business trip, stand in the doorway waiting with the kiddos, hand them off to him, and go get a facial.

My TT is up, too.


I have so been here, and done this...
mine are in college now... away from home :-(
When hubby comes home, tell him you are going to take a shower... then stay up there for a really long time :-) Well, that is what I did haha

Leigh Ann said...

You are not alone. It is tough to do it all and maintain a cheerful attitude while doing it (especially when he is eating out and staying in a nice hotel with plenty of peace and quiet). I always fail miserably. Hang in there. Maybe you can have a little time to relax when he gets back. Hubby always does that for me.

Robin said...

I am SO there with you, especially on the eating too much junk thing. I have no sympathy at all when my husband complains about business travel, despite having done more than enough pre-kids to realize how lousy it can be sometimes. I hope he's coming home soon.


JAM said...

I can sort of relate, my Dad worked off-shore on oil drilling rigs. One week on the rig, one week at home. If something went wrong, if someone got sick, whatever, it was on the week Dad was gone.

But hey, that's what slice and bake cookies were invented for.

Qtpies7 said...

My husband used to travel for work, too. I called it his vacations. I want to go! How come when I go, I have to bring my job with me? Ok, so he does too, but he gets to have peace in the hotel room away from the job, my job gets worse in the hotel room!

julie said...

Aw Babystepper....such an interesting getting to know you list. Thanks for visiting me.

I'll be back!

DK said...

My hubby used to have to go out of town for his company too, and I hated every second of it! Have a wonderful weekend, get some rest and have fun!