Monday, February 19, 2007


One of our dorm boys has gone home with mono. Fun, fun. "Eddie" was sickish all last week, but it was his swollen neck that gave us a bit of concern. I sent him home Friday morning, and sure enough, his doctor said it was mono.

So now I'm thinking. . . was that Ed's pop that Mim wandered around the lobby drinking? When she played with him on Tuesday, did he cough? I've read that little ones are unlikely to catch mono, and I've had it before, but still. . .those nagging doubts.

Speaking of bugs, if you read my Thursday Thirteen, you might be wondering why someone would put them in a microwave. That was Jaimie. He had a bug collection that year (So did Ed and Dave) but he decided that the freezer took too long to kill his bugs, and the alcohol smelled too strong, so he put them in the microwave. The smell was horrendous, let me tell you. The other boys (especially the four seniors) absolutely refused to eat anything that had been cooked in that microwave until I made Jaimie clean it thoroughly with disinfectant, soap and water. Twice. Even then they were all threatening to microwave Jaimie.


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

"Tre" mentioned that he would be more concerned about you or your husband, or the other boys. Very unlikely that your kids got it.

Attolia said...

For the record, I had mono when I was one...but yes, still quite abnormal, and I'm sure my health picture at that point was worse than Mim's. I'd be more worried about the dorm boys too.