Sunday, February 11, 2007

Birth Stories?

One of the blogs I like to check out from time to time is Our Seven Qtpies. This amazing mom of seven(!) is having a little contest. Read about it here. This Birth Story Contest reminded me of one of the funny things I've noticed about women who give birth. There are things that I don't think we would normally ever share with other people that we just can't seem to mention enough when we've had a baby. Specifically, our first and right after the child is born.

We were in the pediatrician's office the other day, and this little girl (I think she was very young, but maybe not.) was sharing with an aquantaince she'd just met about her recent delivery of the baby in the carrier at her feet. She was going in to great detail about the progression of her dilation, when they broke her water etc. etc. You could tell her poor friend had not ever had a child because the look on her face was a combination of disgusted and horrified. I watched smugly from my side of the room, until I started wondering how many of those same details I had been giving to long-suffering friends and family after I had my little boy.

There was also a lady at Wal-Mart who was telling those of us in line, and the cashier, about her daughter who was in the hospital at that moment with her new baby. This woman was telling (loudly) not only of how and when her daughter dilated etc. but also what cm. size blood clots she was passing. Eeeek! I guess the closer we are to a situation, the more normal it seems. I only hope for this woman's sake that those of us in that line never meet her poor daughter. (Who had only sent her for a Barq's root beer, after all, not a couple rounds of public humiliation.)

Anyway, all that to say, head over to Our Seven Qtpies and tell your own birth story! (But if it's been recent, stop and think, "Hmmmm. Is this something I would sit down and tell my Pastor?")



" this something I would tell my Pastor?"


Babystepper said...

Yeah, well you don't count!!! =) If you're married to the pastor, then read deacon/elder.

scribbit said...

You know I'm lucky enough to have very fast labors. No complaints at all.

As for living in a craft store, after all the years of four children I have accumulated more craft supplies than you'd care to believe. But then I ironically ran out of google eyes. Go figure.

angeleyes Blue said...

Childbirth--Don't remember it. Weird. I gave birth to two beautiful children in the same year mind you-seperate pregnancies--I delivered two healthy kiddos both 10 pounds with no assistance from medicine. I was always so araid of it. When the doc told me my pelvis could birth only a 7 pound baby I pushed even harder. Still trying to remember why I didn't get drugs with the second one.

I believe that God makes us forget so we will do it AGAIN! And again in my case. My two precious "Irish Twins" are less than a year apart and now TWO TEENS!

Enough said. We laugh often got to or I would cry.

Were we supposed to keep a supply of google eyes? I must have missed the memo.

Have a great day ladies
Pammy Jean