Friday, February 23, 2007

Thankful Meme

I've been "tagged for a meme", which apparently means I'm supposed to respond. Kind of like a chain letter, but much more pleasant and requiring much less commitment of my time, energy, and postage. So, JennaG, Here goes.

This is a Thankful meme. I think I'm supposed to give three things for which I'm thankful. Difficult. There are so many, really. I'll avoid the obvious big three, while acknowledging their dominance. (My savior, my spouse, my family- immediate and extended)

Three weird things that give me the warm fuzzies. (ie Thankfulness)

1. Cute baby shoes. I mean really, who doesn't love those tiny little sneakers and sandals.

2. Breezy, warm spring days.

3. The lovin's of two sticky fingered toddlers.

Can't promise I'll "tag" anyone, but maybe I'll give it a shot.

1 comment:

Leigh Ann said...

I saw from your profile that you like mysteries. I love them. Have you ever read any by M.C. Beaton? She has the Hamish Macbeth series which I like better than her other series. There is some stuff in there about "relations" but it never seems gratuitous to me. Now I just have to make sure I read my Bible first;-).