Monday, December 31, 2012

Pre-Christmas Christmas

We did our own little family Christmas on the 21st, because we headed back to Oklahoma on Friday and stayed for a full week.
The kids were ecstatic to see that we had snow. Well, "snow" I should say, because it was just a dusting. It doesn't take much, though, when you're from the plains. Had they only known that they'd be playing in six inches of the stuff at Grandma's house on Christmas day...the smiles say it all, though.
Mim put together her own little manger scene while we slower eaters finished with our breakfast. I'm fairly sure that Jesus wasn't born in something this shiny, but who am I to criticize? I wasn't there either.

Art always reads the Christmas story from Luke, in an effort to remind the children that it isn't all about presents. This is partially counteracted by the shear number of presents that come in the next week, but we're trying. At least Crimson appeared to listen intently.

Mim used the opportunity of the reading to do a little scenery adjustment. This required moving to the passage in Matthew so we could add the Magi to the story. She likes to be thorough.
The kids' main gift this year (from Mommy and Daddy and G-Gma T) was a guitar. It's a real guitar, but 3/4 size, so it's perfect for little arms and fingers. Art has been teaching himself to play, and is now helping the kids learn as well. We really want them to be familiar with music and instruments. Perhaps it's ridiculous optimism, but we shall see.
All in all, a good day. The guitar was their main gift, but there a few little toys and books as well, because I'm not that mean. Not for a moment do I assume that children understand the worth of a musical instrument. The two biggest hits were books, which makes me happy. Zaya got The Elements by Theodore Gray and Mim loved her Spyology book. I was glad to see that she wanted to use it with her brother rather than on her brother. It's the little victories.

Traveling and being with family the rest of the week was wonderful as well, and if I can break the habit of years, I may remember to blog about all or parts of it in the days to come.


Lilibeth said...

Tell them they might have experienced our only snow this year. We were supposed to get some today, but so far there's not any...just rain. Some day they may appreciate the guitar...and if not, well Art likes it.

aftergrace said...

Lots of musical talent in the DNA. I think that Zaya will be a fine guitar player some day.

Chandelle said...

Please share any secrets to your success with your family learning guitar. We have that dream, but it is not happening as I envisioned.

Chandelle said...

Please share any secrets to your success in regards to your family learning to play guitar. We have that same dream, but have struggled in making it a reality.