Wednesday, December 12, 2012

If Life Gives You Random Junk, Make a Trainline

Mim likes to play down in the basement. She doesn't like to be by herself (ever, really, but especially downstairs) so she's really enjoyed the fact that Art is beginning to remodel the basement, and spends time down there patching cement and generally doing manly repair-type things.

Last week, she decided to turn his dolly into a train. Once she had this accomplished, she was able to drag her brother down to play. This is their train-line, complete with stations. (Zaya calls them planets. Just because they're playing together doesn't mean they're in the same dimension.)

Here's the train at the station.

The first stop is Quickret. Yes, we know the bag says Quikrete, but that's not what it's called. I was informed emphatically, so it must be true.

Then we have Zigomorphic. I have no idea what that means, or how it's related to a pile of 2X4s, but there we are.

This is the library. The selection appears to be limited.

Around the corner into what will one day be our guest bathroom, and we have Dollyhouse. This is a rather dirty Barbie house that is a three times over hand me down that spent most of its life as a squirrel feeder on the back deck.

And now we're back to the station. Up there is "Home".

You know, whatever keeps them busy, really, is fine with me.

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Lilibeth said...

Looks like the stacks of supplies are giving them a lot of materials for adventures, but I'll bet you're more anxious to see the walls up.