Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Don't Look!

This afternoon, Zaya was being a knight, and his father was asking for details about his adventure. In the recounting of his victories, which were achieved with an axe, apparently, he said,

"I defeated all of them. I have deadly cleavage."

You know, because he was using an axe, which cleaves things in twain.

Art kept a straight face, but when he told me about it later, we decided that we should probably explain why that is not a word that ought to be used often.

 At the lunch table we discussed the various meanings of the words "cleave" and "cleavage". We've learned the hard way that it is better to have these discussions as soon as possible, than to wait until the child uses the word with other people who might not understand.

Anyway, Zaya decided that, no, he did not, in fact, have deadly cleavage, as it is commonly understood, and we all agreed that probably no one actually did.

Then he thought for a bit and said,

"I bet Medusa does!"

So there's a little thought to take with you today. You're welcome.


Lilibeth said...

you crack me up....and maybe you'll have to discuss all the uses of that one. It's funny, but cleave can mean sever or hold fast to...English is a funny language.

Carina said...

We told him about those two meanings first, then about the more popular usage.

Anonymous said...


Auntie M

aftergrace said...

Too funny! I needed a laugh today. :)